This specification covers high temperature grease (type HTG) for the lubrication of ball and roller bearings only, primarily for lubricating class H insulated (silicone) electric motors with heat-stabilized ball bearings. Get a free quote on this roller and ball bearing grease now.

Note: please refer to the appropriate technical performance specification, MIL-L-15719, and applicable technical documents under the MSDS/Documents Tab.


The grease shall be a smooth homogeneous mixture of a polymethylphenyl silicone fluid and a lithium soap free from any abrasive or other undesirable fillers as impurities. Minor proportions of additives to improve oxidation stability, rust inhibition, mechanical stability, texture and wear resistance may be included. Compositions made up of other fluids and/or soaps will be considered provided they meet all the other requirements of this specification. 

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Military Performance Specification MIL-L-15719

Also Known As:

» MIL-L-15719
» QPL-15719