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  • This specification covers one grade of grease for multipurpose usage in applications requiring water resistance. MIL-PRF-24139 water resistant grease is to be used at temperatures ranging from 0 degrees Fahrenheit (*F) to 230 Deg. F (110 degrees Celsuis (*C)) in all shipboard applications requiring dispensing through long lengths of tubing. Temperature range for use in ball and roller bearing applications is minus 20 to 250 Deg. F.

  • MIL-PRF-32014 Grease, Aircraft and Instrument

    This specification covers the general requirements for a multipurpose, water resistant, high speed grease for use in the -54 Degrees C to +177 Degrees C temperature range.

  • This specification covers one grade of general purpose, aircraft grease, NATO G-395, formulated to withstand operations at high speeds and a wide temperature range of -54 to 177 Deg. C (-65 to 350 Deg. F).

  • This specification presents requirements for one type of antiseize thread compound composed of molybdenum disulfide and petrolatum.

  • MIL-PRF-907 Antiseize Thread Compound, High Temperature

    The MIL-PRF-907 anti-seize thread compound can be used on threads of steel, nuts, studs, bolts and other mating surfaces, including those of superheated steam installations, at high temperatures up to 1050 degrees Fahrenheit (degrees F) (566 degrees Celsius (degrees C)).

  • SAE-AMS2518 Thread Compound, Anti-Seize, Graphite-Pertolatum

    This specification covers an anti-seize compound in the form of a grease.

  • This specification is canceled. Use TT-S-1732.

  • VV-P-236 Petrolatum, Technical

    This specification covers one grade of petrolatum for use as a light lubricating grease.